M U S I C   E D U C A T I O N
R E S O U R C E   G U I D E

The guide is intended to serve as an overview and reference for local music resources, and to help find a teacher, private lessons or summer music camps.

"Arts education teaches imagination the way
nothing else does…"
- Michael Morgan

Music Education:
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Music Schools
Music for Kids
Summer Music Camps
Community resources to join a Chorus, Orchestra,
Musical Theatre, Chamber Group, or Other Musical Ensemble

More Educators Resources Here:
Ready, Set, Music! Music Resources For Educators

Music Education: The Blues

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Looking for a music teacher? Here are some suggestions to help get you started:

(1) T
alk to others.  A referral from someone you respect is the best way to find a teacher.


(2) Look at faculty lists from music schools and community music programs.  Usually these instructors teach both within the program and give private lessons independently.


(3) Do some searching on the Internet.  Several web sites contain referral information for music teachers.  Be sure to notice whether the site is paid advertising or a referral from a reliable source. 

Please consider the following, when making choices:

Compatibility: Is your personality compatible with this teacher?  Will you likely work well together?  Does the instructor understand why you are taking lessons?  For instance, are you taking lessons for recreation or do you have musical aspirations?  Does this fit with their expectations and teaching style?

Referrals:  Contact at least two of the teacher's current or former students to find out the teacher's strengths and weaknesses, how much practice they expect, and if they would recommend the teacher based on your needs.

Availability and other considerations: If the teacher is a professional musician, find out how often sessions will be cancelled or rescheduled because of touring or performance dates.